Reconnecting With An Old Friend

Me and Sean had been trying together for it seemed had been two years! Sean and I did our first shoot together back in 2016, and ever since then we wanted to get right back to creating together!

I was actually lucky enough the first time we shot to have one of our shots used for Sean’s single at the time, and he decided to use a shot of ours again for this year’s single!

Throughout my photography journey, I feel like I’ve always had an idea of what y ideal aesthetic/vibe would be when I created; and getting to collaborate with someone years after first working together really helped me see how far I’ve come! I’ve always known what I wanted my work to look like, and as time has gone by I’ve kept that same vision but brought my skills up to par, giving me the ability to really create work that I wanted to make.

I’m always looking for more photographers/creatives to be inspired by, what are some of your favorites?